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Express Burn DVD Burning Softwarehelp and info

  • 1. What is Express Burn DVD burning software?

    Express Burn DVD burning software is, as the name indicates, a CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc burning software. The tool aims to make DVD burning as fast and as simple as possible. Moreover, the application can change file formats, if needed. This feature would come in handy if you are recording non-MP3 music data.

  • 2. How speedy is the burning process?

    The speed with which the burning process happens depends a lot on the hardware at work. Express Burn makes sure that preparing CDs for the burning process is extremely quick. And since it also supports high-speed drives, it tries to chip in and render the burning process quick too.

  • 3. What are the other things Express Burn can do?

    Express Burn, besides burning and being able to manage a good number of formats, also does video DVD authoring, data DVD burning, etc. Data disks are also accommodated and the tool also lets you make ISO images, along with an array of other types of data files.

  • 4. Is the software free?

    You can download and install the software file for free, but to actually use it, you would have to pay a fee. That said, there is a trial version available, which you can use to test the waters. The full version could be a bit expensive for some.

  • 5. How easy is using the tool?

    The user interface of the tool is quite utilitarian, which means almost anyone can easily learn and use the tool with little to no qualms. All the tools for burning are organized well, can be found easily and are located on the interface’s main window. There is almost zero learning curve and no guesswork.

  • 6. Who is Express Burn software for?

    Express Burn is made keeping casual and home users in mind. In fact, the feature-set is so massive, it would be an overkill for most casual users. That said, professional users may still find the tool a bit limiting and would definitely not be blown away by the burning speeds.

  • 7. How to build custom audio discs?

    Building tailor-made audio discs is fairly simple. Just drag the relevant tracks into the user interface and have them arranged the way you want. The program also lets you input metadata such as track names, album title, genre, artist, etc. for individual tracks.

  • 8. Does the tool support mass-production of discs?

    Yes, the software lets you mass-produce, but you should be wary of the time that might take. Though the burning process is fast, it’s far from being the quickest. It’s, therefore, recommended to produce discs one at a time.

  • 9. How is Blu-ray disc and DVD compatibility like?

    Express Burn, as aforementioned, lets you burn, build and copy Blu-ray discs and DVDs as well. This feature comes in extremely handy as DVDs and Blu-ray discs boast higher capacities, which means you can store a lot more data.

  • 10. What is customer support like?

    Customer support is there, but it’s limited and definitely not the best customer support you would come across. Technical support via email is paid, for instance. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem as the software is extremely simple to use, which means the need for support would probably not arise. And then you always have online forums coming to your rescue.